Thursday, August 04, 2005

Morex Optimo Ready For Europe

Kristofer Krooning
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I missed it, again and could kick myself for it, because I only hear the highest praise: "Best Morex Optimo show", "XTC on Acid", "Tight cool punk rock" is what those who were there say. And this is coming from people like Mr. Bongers, the usually quiet, well-balanced, stoic German bass player for Botanica. There we go then: Morex Optimo are definitely ready for their Euro Summer Tour. Here are the dates and cities, but watch out for changes! Exact venue information to follow later!

Aug 26: Vienna
Aug 27: Budapest
Aug 28: Hungary show II
Aug 29: Hungary show III
Aug 30: Maccagno, ITA
Aug 31: Zürich, Club Helsinki
Sep 1: St. Gallen, Grabenhalle
Sep 2: Bern
Sep 3: Rorschach
Sep 4: Basel
Sep 5: Zürich, Kalkbreite


Ahoula said...

Kristopher! Optimate me!

Tankwarth said...

Werde im Helsinki ZH mit dabei sein!
Als ehemals stolzer Besitzer des ersten Roman Games Albums... wie hiess es nochmals? und vor allem: wo kann ich ein noch einmal erstehen?
Merci & Gruss
Sohn der darniederliegenden Hafenstadt mit Pfahlbauerbadi

Roman said...

hey tankwarth!
werde dir eine mitbringen ins helsinki! looking forward to playing there!
cu then,