Friday, October 07, 2005

More-X, N-V, Sin-e

You missed it again, and it was your last chance. the dear KK played with NV and it was a lot of energetic fun. This band has a certain appeal that makes you think of singer Mark's, yours and probably your partner's record collection. Though you won't find any Jane's Addiction CDs in mine, you certainly find Sonic Youth and the Buzzcocks.
XTC on acid, too, as Morex Optimo promised to be. The European tour has made a band out of them that can weather every storm and cause quite a stirr, too. Me, I like them most when they rock straight out, but I hear some people are just as fond of the breaks and hooks as I am of the commercial pop song harmonies. Seize the opportunity to see Morex Optimo this coming Friday, October 14th at the BAM cafe. The sound is excellent and the food not half bad.

Morex Optimo live at Sin-e

Cosmonauts! Yes, you're getting there - maybe you wont fly, but your records will fly off the shelves!

NV with Kerry Kennedy live at Sin-e

NV - Janes Addiction, Sonic Youth and Buzzcocks rolled into a crazy roll of rock.

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