Thursday, October 20, 2005

Urgent Message from Brother Mark E.

Oh yes, it's out and it must be great. Dont you hate it when critics say the new album by has-been Soandso is "the long awaited masterpiece" or a "return to form"? Real fans usually wouldnt use these words, but with the new Fall LP "Fall Heads Roll" even the most retentive journalists gush over the new work by Mr. Smith and his aides. My brother Marcel called me from across the Atlantic just to tell me how fantastic it was - and he's been a Fall fan since almost thirty years now. Swissies are fortunate enough to read his review in the WochenZeitung. Over here, we have to do with his earlier article "Ein Fall fuer sich" or read what Everett True writes about it in The Stranger. And since you all know what Mark E. Smith looks like and I have this really cool picture of me and my bro taken by Kristofer at the Hafenbuffet in Rorschach, this is what I'll post below. And while were at it: It is a wrong assumption that The Fall have influenced the strokes, as Julian Casblancas told me in an interview I had with The Strokes last week - it will be posted here in about a week. Nirvana and Velvet Underground Casbalanca says is what he listened to, but not the Fall or Televsision for that matter. What a relief this must be for Mark E. Smith.

Brothers in Shirts

Rorschach-New York connection: Support for CBGS and a will to defend Brooklyn is sported hereby the two elder Elsener brothers.

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Scarykerry said...

I LOVE this picture!