Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's Jaymay Season Again

Remember those evenings in spring when we discovered New York's newest best voice, the extremly talented Jaymay? Just like back in May, the singer/songwriter and her four piece band play the Living Room again every Monday in November. We stopped by yesterday and are happy to report that she hasn't lost any of her magic. With the addition of a new electric guitar player and through the fact that the band is tighter than ever, you get a warm sound, meaningful, direct lyrics and quite a handful of soul - just the right mix for escaping the cold November nights. Still, I'd say it's time to release that damn record everyone wants to buy. And one more thing: What's up with the make up, girl? I'd say you don't need it - you shine already thru your music.

Again in Jaymay's Living Room


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