Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Art Brut For Arty Kids

Art Brut for Art Kids

People say they sound like Half Man Half Biscuit. Or the Television Personalities. Or even the Buzzcocks, but when unleashed on the trendy crowd of Manhattan at the Tribecca Grand Hotel, they are just five scared British kids hoping they won't be forgotten a year from now. Yes, there's lots of energy and witty songwriting. Their record Bang Bang Rock'n'Roll is well worth a listen, its refreshening and nicely tongue-in-cheek. But who wants to be subject of the newest New York hype? Looked to me like most of the kids in the posh Tri Grand lounge were just there to have been there and not because they care anything about the band or the music. That's a pity, cause this band deserves it.


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Anonymous said...

Fuck Art Brut. They are NOT witty and NOT funny, just stupid and boring and cynical; therefore they will be forgotten within 1 month. Thats why their supposed-to-be-hero Mark E. Smith never ever said anything about them. Coz he would just spit on them. Hey New Yorkers, you better run and get a copy of the new HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT LP "Achtung Bono".

Roman Elsener said...

Half Man Half Biscuit are just too hard to get in the United States of A. Here's a link where you can order the bands stuff: HMHB. And let's give Art Brut another chance.