Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You Still Don't Know About The Theremin Society?

Yeah, you know I like punk rock, but some acts cross over or cross every kind of genre and are Jesus and Mary on the cross together, or whatever. Anyway, Dorit Chrsyler staged another gathering of the ominous NY Theremin Society at Issue Project Room, the off off (far off) location in Brookyln, especially during a sleet blizzard that even a Swiss like me has to term sauwetter and... the place was packed: Jim 'Foetus' Thirwell, Larry 7, L.L. Clifton just three among the celebrity stars in the audience, proof the the NYTS is consistently growing in size and surprises. The artists, of course, couldn't care less: This is the Theremin Society, the place of freaks and stars, and if you cant even play "Alli mini Entli" on that instrument, you're not in. Vampires with blood and passion? You bet, just check out Doritopheles on this pic.

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