Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Reve(y)rie, A Matchless Team, A Hot Iron to Swallow And the Best Slice in Town

No sleep till Brooklyn, this time with a little help from the Swiss Consulate. Starting out early with a show by Swiss vocalist Laurence Revey, who uses live samples to enhance the etheral beauty of her voice. A strangely intimate moment, when she carried her voice without amplification throughout Bar On A, grabbing the attention of every single patron. One thing said for the 'french Swiss': the Romands are a faithful following and come out in drones, when the Consulate calls! Too bad for the priest at the Actor's Chapel, who refused that the attractive lady sings in his church - he'd had have a full house, for a change.

We left before the Bachlorette party at BOA got out of hand and stopped at that pizza place on A and 9th that Fa ten years ago proclaimed to have the best Pizza in town - it is officially a no go zone now for every connaisseur (We still recommend good ole Sal's at Orchard and Stanton). Anyway, we made it over to Greenpoint with the worst cabbie ever, but still in time to hear a few songs by Here Lies Pa who's residency at Matchless is shaping them into a tight outfit, making them rapidly into a secret sensation you should see before they blow up. Seems there is new wave of unpretentious intelligent pop growing out here. Call it Bob Dylan with a sense of humor or Ray Davies with an American accent, Wakey!Wakey! is a prime example, as you can see here:

After losing horribly against Vince and his buddy at the Foosball table, we decided to join Leane at Trash to check out Hot Iron Swallows who surprised with an excellent guitar sound, think Pixies crossed with Coldplay. Great songs, quality playing. A few tentative dance steps later, we were off to bed, since Sunday promised to be an excellent spring day for a soccer tournament and a kid's birthday party - go Leon!

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