Friday, March 23, 2007

If the Church Don't Want the Rock, We bring the Church to the Rock! Sat. at Bar on A!

Not Florence nightingale, Laurence Revey

It should have been a concert of special atmosphere and ambiance: The old Actor's Chapel was to host Swiss chanteuse Laurence Revey, a live sample vocalist of quite some recognition, approved even by the staunchly catholic people of the Valais in Switzerland, who didn't mind that Laurence's last record cover shows the singer on the cross... What went down well with the Romandie, obviously isn't possible in the city that never sleeps, the Sodom and Gomorrah of modern times, the exploding apple New York: We hear that the Chapel's priest, after having visited Laurence's website, told the Swiss consulate who organized the show, "Not in my Church!". Thanks to this blog and the ever helpful Mike Lawson, Laurence will still perform in New York: Come see her unique show at Bar On A, Avenue A and 11th Street, tomorrow at 7.30pm, it's free and early, so you can have dinner after your aural senses have been satisfied. We'll set up candles and bring the church to the bar. Free drinks for priests and vicars in tutus.

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