Monday, March 12, 2007

We'll Make Room For You This Wednesday

Have you felt lately like everbody is weighing in on you, edging you on and you just don't have enough space? Well, come to
Club Midway this Wednesday after 10pm where we will make Room especially for you. You will hear Room (the song), we will talk about Room (the book) and if you're so inclined you get to star in Room (the movie). First, the legendary Martin Bisi will perform with his new band, making this whole evening a true rock art happening. And to get all the trendy young design students aboard, Jan has designed another award winning flyer, recognized by the Swiss Academy of Rock Memorabilia (SARM) as "Bester produktfremder Werbeflieger", i.e. 'best flyer that has nothing to do with the product'. We'll see, maybe we'll bring a globe and a flashlight. We'll certainly leave the kids at home.

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Anonymous said...

even more room? im scared already!