Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Come On Eileen - Move Over, Kevin!

Are you a fan of the 4th of July? Or the Guy Fawkes Day? Or the 1st of August? Not really, right? That's why St. Paddy's Day never had any real significance for me. But living in NYC, you can't escape all the green, the beer, the music and the masses daring you not to drink. So why not get into the centre of it: Joe Hurley's Paddy Day Bash at the Bowery Ballroom: 8 hours of live music with the best of New York's "Irish", hosted by the best voice in town, Mr. Hurley himself. Name 'em - he and Ed Rodgers had 'em: Don Fleming, the Dicators, Joe McGinty and two dozens other stars, doing U2, Sinead, Costello, Undertones and even the Pistols (No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish...). But oh, surprise: There was one voice bigger than Joe's, a man as Irish as New Jersey and as Folk as Led Zeppelin - Mike 'Monk' Fornatale with his ultimate killer version of the Dexy's Midnight Runners' "Come on Eileen". You have never heard that song better, thanks also to the immaculate band. I'll be back, Paddy.

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