Friday, March 16, 2007

We Want More!

Officially it was a record release party for Boston based E.R. (a.k.a. Eldridge Rodriguez). But somehow it ended up as a home match for Room. But hey, how about a joint project called 'Emergency Room'? E.R.'s lead singer Eldridge has a special singing technique, sometimes sounding a little croaky but other times sounding a little like David Bowie, nice! And making music holding the earphone of an iPod to your guitar strings is definitely very innovative. Check out their new record called 'This Conspiracy Against Us'.

Then Room pulled off the full show culminating in Roman once again almost killing himself on stage! Check it out here, be patient though and watch until the end:

Some people were really a little worried that Roman would not make it out of the drums anymore. But I can assure you he is up and running again, phew! Even though everybody from the band seemed to be extremely exhausted after this show. They put all their energy in it as can be seen on this picture:

And how cool was that pattern of black and white of the Bernd - Roman duo:

If you have not had the chance to see Room play lately you should check them out soon; they have this new cover of 'Frozen' that is just amazing! I am a Madonna fan, but somehow never liked her 'Rays of Light' record (I guess too much spirituality). However, that rock cover is off the hook!

More photos also of E.R. and Martin Bisi - who presented some new very poetic lyrics - in my very personal photo diary!

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what the f**k, Roman??