Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Music for Lovers

The picture says it all: Wakey!Wakey! is for lovers, and who isn't a lover. Wakey!Wakey! is Mike Grubbs solo on the piano. Which he plays beautifully forcefully, he even manages to break a piano string. Believe me, I normally don't like guys playing the piano singing along. It's mostly boring and corny and awful. But Mike is different. At first you might think he is just being funny, but then you realize that his brilliant lyrics are about serious issues, but he still makes you smile, without any fake heartache crap.

Another band that not only makes you smile, but having fits of laughter followed on stage last Saturday night at the Rockwood Music Hall: The Undisputed Heavyweights. They are all about entertainment. Their lead singer Casey Shea is famous for his show talent and did not let us down: he did the Elvis and James Brown, he laid down on stage and ruffled his hair and wore sunglasses and made lots of jokes. Check out this movie for an impression:

So if you like to be entertained and live in New York checking out their show is a must! Look forward for their sing-along 'Roll Your Windows Down' and expect the acknowledgment of band members to take at least 10 minutes (not including any solos, but lots of laughter).

More photos in my photo diary and more footage on my youtube account.

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