Monday, March 12, 2007

Join The Sunshine Club on Paddy's Day

Forget this Transient Life and Mickey Finn. Brett Hammond is back again, an this time on all fronts: See his band, now called The sunshine Club life at the Mercury Lounge on March 17th, when they present their debut album. This has been long in the making, first under the moniker of Mickey Finn, now Brett with great singer Damian obviously have turned from onscure drink to the true light. And the Sunshine Club counts on having tons of members. Here's what Brett invites us all to do:
"Would you please go to CD Baby and buy our record, I know it sounds cheeky but it would really help us out since the more orders we get, the more they will promote and distribute. I have put a link to the CD Baby page all you have to do is click and buy. I would like you to come to our show at Mercury Lounge Saturday March 17th 9.30pm and we are having an after show party at Manitobas on Ave B which will supply drink specials for those with Mercury Lounge entry stamps!
Here's the link to where you can buyThe Sunshine Club's CD. You can listen to excerpts of all tracks, to make sure this record is worth its place in your distinct collection.

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Kibibe said...

Good for people to know.