Friday, March 09, 2007

So Hot but So Cold

The weather forecast for last night was a record breaking cold, even worse than the night Roman went to see The Nightingales! But still the very brave ones made it to the Lit Lounge to see Compass play. Obviously they have absolutely no heating in the that basement, the temperature was about the same inside as out. Not very cozy.

Death by Sexy

However, the band Death by Sexy visiting from DC still managed to raise the temperature. They can definitively sweat and scream and pound the drums real fast and act very manly onstage singing stuff like 'You're so hot but you're so cold', how fitting...


The music of Compass featuring Eamon Ellams (drums), Lauralaura (keys/vox) and Justin Wood (Sax) can be best described by 'experimental'. Some singing lessons might not hurt, but the instrumentals were great! The rolling drum and bass reminded me of the time when I was still young and listening to trip hop. There was some Massive Attack in there, nice and dark. And at some point the sax played a solo and the drums matched so well, it was a wild duet that swept me off my feet!

More pics of that night in my photo diary.

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