Monday, March 26, 2007

The Show That Was No Show

Last Thursday night Roman said to me "no show this time". Whatever! First of all I don't understand why a Room show should be better without the show and second of all there is no way Roman can do a show without a show. I mean, he tried hard but clearly couldn't go through with it. See for yourselves, he basically screwed up right before the end, hilarious:

That's the new song 'Asteroid', unfortunately performed without any drums because "the drums go straight upstairs" as Michael put it. Thank you Michael for having us there despite the trouble with the neighbours!

performing before Room was much less trouble for the neighbours. But his songs are serious trouble for me; I have to watch out not to start to cry when I hear them! This time I recorded 'You Got It Blue', which is my new favorite song:

By the way, the guy on the pedal steel guitar is Philip Sterk. That instrument looks extremely complex to me. Clearly not the kind of instrument I could ever master. But I love to hear it. It's so American somehow...

For the people in Switzerland reading this (yes, we know you are out there!), remember that C.Gibbs is touring Switzerland with Privateman (i.e. Helsinki on April 20).

Go here to see more pics of that night.


Anonymous said...

duh, anita, there are drums on it, very nicely and quietly, if you listen trhough good speakers. you even hear the triangle pretty loudly.

anita said...

is a triangle a drum? I didn't say it was without any percussion instruments...