Thursday, March 31, 2005

Botanica Back From Tour And Ready To Swing

Botanica Live - Soon on TV
Originally uploaded by romangame.
Bongers, Walfisch and Co. are back from their most successful European tour so far. They played the famous German TV show "Rockpalast" where stars like The Police or The Cure made first impressions on the european mainland. Back in the States, the guys don't get a break: They're off to Paris next week, backing singer Angela McCluskey and are learning a whole bunch of swing-era classics for an upcoming event in honor of actor Stanley Tucci. If you have "In Demand" on your Cable TV, you can now watch the movie "Dummy" with Adrien Brody and Milla Jovovic, to which Botanica contributed to the soundtrack. Busy now - famous soon.


Chris Moonbeams said...

Just to say, my nomination for hottest band has to be Arctic Monkeys. The Arctic Monkeys are shooting stars!

Anonymous said...

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