Friday, March 11, 2005

The Blue Sparks Shine Stronger Than Ever

The Blue Sparks' Kerry Kennedy
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Blue Sparks have definitely overcome bass player Alana's departure and are back with strong songs, a tight set and Mike Dos Santos (Ex-Realistics) on bass and vox.
Blue Sparks recorded four tracks with Martin Bisi (for those not in the know: check out as recording engineer and Christian Bongers (see Botanica) as producer. The EP will be released soon and features the songs Zombie Ladies, Shadows, Cracked Cement and Thin Line. Listen to last two tracks at or just click on the headline of this post.

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downstairsneighbor said...

Such a wonderful tone in that voice of Miss Kennedy!
Strong,solid, resonant.
I she indeed a creature of the night. I've yet to see her reflection. : )