Monday, March 28, 2005

Melomane Dance With Polar Bear

Kenny and Pierre of Melomane
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It's still cold in New York and this is just one more reason why Melomanes heartwarming music guarantees for a, well, mellow night.
I don't know whose idea of booking it is to squeeze three bands in from 7 to 10pm and then have DJs stuff our ears with brutal beats. So Melomanes short set didn't include "Military Wife" nor the new hit "I'm In Love With Love", both of which were so amazing in combination with the visuals back at Tonic. Highlight was a revamped version of "Lazy Southern Song". 'Course we missed a mighty cello here or there, or the occasional frank harmonica, but Melomane wouldnt let the absence of Frank show in their music. "We miss him in our hearts," said the band about the author who moved to Switzerland. Frank can still be heard on the upcoming new Melomane CD - the cover is in the works.

I'm usually not one to trash bands, cause I know how much hard work it is to keep one together in NYC. But hey, AD FRANK, is it really worth it for you guys? Frankly, if just Morex and Melo would have shared the bill, I would have had more fun. Doesnt a mix of bad Simon Le Bon and Bowie during his most horrible phase call for disaster already?

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Pee Air said...

Ad Frank were not so bad. Good musicians and very nice fellows!