Friday, March 11, 2005

Botanica: New Record and European Tour

Botanica All Over Europe
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Oh, friends overseas, one of our finest exports is coming over to pamper your ears on an extended tour! Their new record "Vs. the Truth Fish" is without a doubt the best yet and includes hits such as "Love is the difference" and "For You". Here in the States, they now also have the great Pete Min on guitar. In Europe, they tour as a powerful quartet. Here are the dates:
3/11 BONN (D) Harmonie
3/12 BERLIN (D) Maschinenhaus
3/13 STUTTGART (D) Laboratorium
3/14 VIERSEN (D) Conny's
3/15 GENEVA (CH) l'Usine
3/17 VIENNA (A) B-72
3/18 STEYR (A)
3/19 NEU-ULM (D) NuBahnhof
3/20 BIELEFELD (D) Forum
3/21 PARIS (F) House of Live
3/22 BRUSSELS (B) Botanique
3/23 GENT (B) Vooruit
3/24 OFFENBACH (D) Hafen 2
3/26 KREFELD (D) Blauer Engel

To hear their music and learn more about the band, go to or click on the headline of this post.


Anonymous said...

hey, has anybody seen them live on this tour already? over there in germany?

botanist said...

hi guys,
destroying europe city by city, we have arrived in geneva and are to play in an hour.
so far every gig was great,some technical difficulties,but hundreds of new can check out
a bunch of photos and a live backstage-bathroom version of "lost" at

Scary Kerry said...

Botanica's bass player is hot!