Saturday, March 12, 2005

Dorit Chrysler Superstar

Go Google your name! How many hits that are actually talking about you do you get? I get maybe 60. If you google Dorit Chrysler, you get about 1'040. This alone should tell you, how big the austrian-born thereminist already is, and things are only getting better for the artist that Time Out magazine called "the female Curt Cobain" back in the nineties. She's far more than that, and she's on tour again. Lucky Europeans have the chance to see and hear the etheral girl:
March 15 - 24: Various shows in VIENNA, March 25 NUERNBERG Stereo Deluxe, March 27 VIENNA Fluc, April 7, PRAGUE, CR, April 8, KRAKAU, P, April 9, BRATISLAVA, SL, April 10, BUDAPEST, H, April 23 VIENNA, Tanzquartier
And then finally we get a chance to see her, again, too, on April 29th in NYC at Moving Patterns Festival, with special guest Gibby Haines of immortal Butthole Surfers fame. More new on, and to listen to some of her tracks, click on the headline, yknow.

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