Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Camper Van Beethoven Vs. The Backstreet Boys

I admit I committed the sin of going to see the Backstreet Boys playing the same stage that I Joe Strummer, Tom Verlaine and Richard Butler stood on. Neil Finn and David Lowery, too. And a couple of others... remember Eleventh Dream Day, Frank? Or Ghandi?
Whatever, times change, and obviously, so do bookers. Irving Plaza these days offers the Backstreet Boys for two nights, followed by the One Tree Hill Tour. Not that I want to disrespect the BSB. After all, they've been together now for 12 years and who of you has ever managed to keep a five piece band together that long? See! Plus, I always thought they could sing, and hey, they proved it, at least AJ, Brian and Nick. They get another credit: They not only played their greatest hits, they introduced eight news songs. Which come out in June, if anyone cares. Those who do, will have dowloaded it by then.
So, after two hours, the thing became pretty stale and luckily found a gracious, fast ending: Although there have been hundreds of screaming girls, not a single person shouted for an encore. Weird. The houselights came on, the girls streamed outside to look for their dads car. 11pm - still enuff time to catch a Camper or Cracker tune a couple of blocks away...

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see a celebrity deathmatch between BSB and CBV. I think the "boys" would win because they are a little bit younger and stronger, but CBV can write better songs in the dark with their hands cuffed to the heater and socks in their mouths.