Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Brett Hammond Finally Reappears!

He once opened for Motorhead. For Twisted Sister. Played in Orion - the heavy metal star constellation. And now he's back. Producer supreme Brett Hammond has picked up the guitar again. It was a shame about this mans music: He hid his hits away in a secret studio in Williamsburg and rarely let them out. There's one I remember hearing two years ago, 'it's allright' and i still have the melody in my ear. Kinda like early Captain Sensible stuff.
And Brett looks better than ever. In fact, he looks so good he wouldnt even let me put a picture of him on the blog in fear of getting to much response. Instead, he wants you all to come to Bar on A on April 14th and find out yourself.


Geekbird said...

geekbird is a rockstar

friggin fredy said...

everybody on this block is a rock star. isnt that the idea, roman?