Monday, March 28, 2005

Fresh Juice But No Juicy Actress

No Morex Scarlett
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Muffins, Melomane, Morex Optimo and mucho music - it was all there at Galapagos Art Space on Saturday, but no Scarlett Johanssen. Unlike others, who just wouldnt believe a rock show can start at 7pm and therefore missed it (J.C., Anthony...), our beloved revolutionary sweetheart with the pearl earring did not show up at all. Not that Morex Optimo had time to fret over it: No longer are they a heady intellectual outfit that tries to find their way off the beaten track through complicated songs - they just rock. Soaring harmonies over pounding guitars, constant motion on stage. Highlight was the straight forward punk version of Television's "See No Evil". And Scarlett gets a second chance: Morex Optimo will play Mercury Lounge on April 17th at 10pm. No breakfast this time, but check out the celebrities. I know the Mayor of Williamsburg will be there.

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