Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Does Scarlett Johansson Like Morex Optimo?

Forever more ex optimo
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It's a pretty safe bet that Gwyneth Paltrow likes Coldplay and Kate Hudson likes the Black Crowes. But what about Hollywood's hottest new actress, Scarlett Johansson? Rumor has it that she loves Brooklyns very own Morex Optimo, who late last year released their furious CD "Beast of Reflexion".
Not that Johannson is to marry Optimo frontman Kristofer Widholm soon (or even going out with him, fot that matter), but having heard his music, you can easily understand why Scarlett would fall for it: It's cool and hot at the same time, both heady and frantic, smart and sexy, just like the "Lost in Translation" star. Morex Optimo will play Galapagos Art Space on March 26th at 7pm. I will be there, not just because I hope that Scarlett will show up, but because the Optimos will serve breakfast, or so they promised.


Anonymous said...

I like Morex Optimo.

Anonymous said...

...and I like Scarlett Johansson!

heather said...

dear roman,

thank you for posting! this is just the kind of unfounded rumormongering that we support and will (god willing) lead to a "scarlett johansson vs. morex optimo" libel law suit someday. we will duke it out in a court of law and hold up sloppily photoshopped pictures of her dancing with yuri and produce copious handwritten documents that say "i luv morex optimo signed, s. johansson" proving empirically and apodeictically that she loves morex optimo. in the end our earnest ragtag efforts and offhanded charm will win her heart and the whole thing will be thrown out of court as a "terrible, terrible misunderstanding" and she'll move in to our floating spaceship of love located in the heart of williamsburg, brooklyn where she will help care for all the animals and children and tend the organic garden while juggling her career as hollywood starlet.

til then her name will be on every guest list (+1!) for any morex optimo show where we actually have a guest list.

kindest regards,

Roman Elsener said...

So that wasn't Scarlett I saw in Yuris arms at Larry Lawrence the other day?

Hilary said...

Roman is my hero.

blag said...

No, not Yuri. Just a biblical flashback from your childhood, Roman: "Though your sins are red as scarlet, you will be white as snow." Scarlett Johansson in an upcoming version of Snow White? Remember: You read it in the Bible first!