Friday, April 01, 2005

Be Afraid, New Jersey, Be Very Afraid

Scary Kerry out to haunt Jersey
Originally uploaded by romangame.
If you see her by daylight, you might think she's the sweetest girl in the world. But there have been constant rumors that Kerry Kennedy of the Blue Sparks is in fact a vampire. Kerry has since been dubbed Scary Kerry and keeps haunting the internet, latest "proof" supposedly is this photo. Kerry is kept safest on stage, where the Blue Sparks' powerful rock keep her nocturnal desires at bay and all the energy flows into the music. The band is heading out today to play a show in New Jersey, at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. As Buffy-Generation we all know that there are good vampires and that it can be a lot of fun when they come to schools. Check out more Blues Sparks, if you click on the headline. Check out the vampire rumors at Manic Mess.

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