Monday, April 11, 2005

Ten Lessons Learnt In One Weekend

It's a good thing: Headquarters
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What a weekend! I learnt a lot of things, here are the top ten: 1. Tami knows cool people. 2. Tanja is a spectacular cook. 3. Headquarters are the best Mod-Rockband in town. 4. Crash Mansion: The bands are better than the place. The sound is good, though. 5. Pierre from Melomane joins C. Gibbs on tour. The two and Melomane's Kenny used to be "The Morning Glories." 6. J.C. is one year older. 7. Kristofer made the three piece fashionable again. 8. You have to get up at least two hours before you play soccer, otherwise you're just too slow on the pitch. 9. Just because you've written a song doesn't mean you know how to play it right. 10. Le fond de l'air est froid en avril.

Plus, I found this review of HQ online - and it happens to be written by Mike Fornatale, who incidentally will play with Kerry and me at The Lucky Cat. So, Charles, if you want to thank him personally, stop by tomorrow! Mike writes about HQ last June:

"Headquarters. I guess probably most of you have seen them by now -- but if you haven't, do. Sharp dressers, sharper players. This is how it's done, seriously. Self-consciously Mod-influenced in all the right ways. I was sitting outside before the show last night with Eric Bloom from Blue Oyster Cult, one of our celebrity judges, when the band first walked in -- in their stage attire -- and Eric peers over the top of his shades and points at them and asks, "Do they sound like they look?" Yes they do indeed, I said, at which point Eric replied "Okay, we can all go home then -- that's our winner." He decided he liked another band better later on, but that's the kind of first impression these guys make. Again, I don't see anyone on this list not liking them."


Charles! said...

I agree, Tanja IS an excellent cook!

Roman Elsener said...

oops, people, it's HeadQuarters, not Headquarters. I have to pay more attention to the detail!