Friday, April 22, 2005

Who Wants to Get Into Tunnel Vision?

The place that brought you the HQ song "Tunnel Vision" brings you this monstrous line-up of bands and live DJ!
The Bamboo Kids 11pm
HeadQuarters 10pm
Billionaire Boys Club 9pm
The Ratchets

Lit Lounge 
93 2nd Ave. btwn. 5th & 6th Sts 
$5, Doors open at 8pm 
LIVE VIDEO SHOOT for HeadQuarters' song "Tunnel Vision": 
Be at the gig and get in their new music video - There will be cameras shooting both the band AND the CROWD! Arrive early and get your place in the video to become an indie-film superstar! 

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romangame said...

Maybe the best HeadQuarters performance ever? It sounded tight, dirty, fresh, like rocknroll should. Kudos to Tobi and Pierre for the filming, you guys looked like professionals. Oh. forgot. That's what you are...

HQ barely let us breathe and do it again on Saturday. Here's what Charles writes:

Wow! Thanks to everyone who came down last night to LIT and packing the place
out, proving live music by modern rock bands is not dead in NYC! The preliminary
video footage looks great, look for YOUR cameo in the "Tunnel Vision" video in
late May on!

The week's not over yet people! This Saturday we are playing a special show,
dedicated to the one and only Tanja Drieding Wallace, who leaves for Switzerland
for good next Wednesday. Those of you who know her no doubtedly love her, so
come say your bon voyage to HQ's #1 muse! After the set we are throwing a
massive bash for her at an undisclosed loft in NYC. Come to the show and get
clued in as to the whereabouts!

Saturday April 30th
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton st., NYC
HeadQuarters -10pm (sharp!)
w/Black Tie Review -9pm
Kid Casanova -11pm
& Camera -midnight

It's rumored that our friends from L.A., The Adored, will be invading the stage
and making a guest appearence during our set, though we couldn't confirm this at
presstime ;)

Nick, Charles, Timmo, Matt and Augustus