Thursday, April 07, 2005

Kerry And Roman And The Lucky Cat

For the first time in nine months Kerry and me are going to do our folk-thing again at The Lucky Cat in Williamsburg, thanks to Joe McGinty and his infamous Piano Parlor. We have two guests: Kristofer from Morex Optimo will open with three of his songs, Mike from New Jersey, who can play every song he's ever heard, will join us for two songs. And Kerry and me actually wrote some new songs we want you to hear! After our set, you have the chance to show off your own rockstar skills with Joe's Piano Karaoke - it's a lot of fun and the audience is usually very friendly, so it's almost impossible to feel embarrassed. It's free and we start at 9.30pm. To hear new Roman music, click on the headline of this posting.


Anonymous said...

nice gig, y'all

Anonymous said...

mike was amazing! this really was "a whole lotta love"! best karaoke version ever!