Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Hotel On Rivington Test

We verified it. The elevator at the new Hotel on Rivington (that new high rise on the LES) is the hottest in town, with its red leather cushion wall. I tried it out with these cool rock chicks, who sadly are skipping town in the next few days (Tami, left) or few weeks (Tanja, right). T&T are the rare species that often go to rock shows and have excellent taste in music. Their absence will be noted by certain bands like HQ or Melomane! Girls, the city will never be the same without you!

PS: The rest of the hotel is kinda bleak. The bar looks like a living room with a great view of the dirty street below. Tanja thinks its a good location for a band photo shoot...

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like an adventurous night with Roman!!