Monday, April 18, 2005

J.C. & Anphibius at Laila Lounge April 24th

Before JC's eagerly awaited wedding and after the release of the beautiful "Resurrection Jingles" CD, JC and Ant play Laila Lounge in Williamsburg. Here's what the flyer says of the duo:

"These purveyors of uneasy listening music, resurface croaking their newly hatched songs of love found and mislaid. The eternal umpteenagers, return with their second CD, "Resurrection Jingles" a collection of ten slightly psychedelic lounge lullabies."

Check out their website which is still under construction, but shaping up. New solo work by Anthony is in the works, too.


infrathin said...

For the sake of completeness, let's add that they are playing this Sunday, April 24th, 9pm. Laila Lounge is at 113 North 7th.

romangame said...

sorry i couldnt make it, but a played soccer for too long and then my legs just wouldnt want to carry me all the way to north 7th...! ill be there next time, fo real! how was the show?

Anonymous said...

This was a really lovely event. If you weren't there, you missed out. Sort of like Tindersticks without the horn section, and with less of a pose.