Monday, February 12, 2007

Seasick: Cross Suzie Quattro with M.E.Smith

Well, Tonic kind of guarantees for the quality of the music, but I was really impressed by Seasick. Leader Jasmine Golestaneh is any rockers dream: She plays a mean dark guitar, carries a tune, dares to scream, knows how to move on stage and has the right attitude, paired with the bit of neccessary arrogance to have command of the audience. Weird songs, held together by solid keyboards and very inventive, passionate drumming. Check them out on MySpace, but let me tell you, the live experience is something completely different. Think of Suzie Quattro crossed with The Falls M. E. Smith, throw in a bit of Sonic Youth and you will feel seasick. Constanza, a rather reserved italian girl opened, and surprised with great songs veering between Portishead and an electronic Suzan Vega.

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