Monday, February 12, 2007

The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2007

We went to the Fortified Antifolk Fest 2007 on February 10, because these two performers were up, that I had heard before and had made me addicted to hearing them: Chelsea Lynn Labate and the band 'Here lies Pa'.

Chelsea writes poetic lyrics which are serious and funny at the same time. She performs them singing and playing the guitar, sometimes accompanied by the pianist Steve Waitt. She makes people laugh and dream; she makes you feel happy listening to her music. She's just wonderful! Check out her myspace page.

'Here lies Pa' front man Paul Basil just has this amazing voice. I am officially in love with his voice! Now I have admitted to it... He also writes beautiful lyrics and even tough the songs are more intense when he performs them alone, the band adds a full new level to it. Especially the slide guitar used in some of the songs is heartbreaking. I am just waiting for the song 'Beverly Road' to come out and it will be in my most played tracks in my charts within a few days, promised guys!

You can watch them perform 'Falls' here (Sorry, a bit shaky again):

There was also the performance of 'Wakey! Wakey'. He is obviously very talented and original. I loved his piano piece called 'Falling Apart', great lyrics too!

More pictures in my photodiary for February, also of 'Wakey! Wakey!'
who turns out to be a very handsome guy, too! (I'm sorry, but I just
can't stop commenting on peoples looks, well, especially guys' looks,
but then we have Roman for comments on female artists, right?)

The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2007 will still be running this week, so go to the Sidewalk Cafe if you want to witness some new interesting performances. Oh, and Adam Green is performing on Sunday February 18!

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Anonymous said...

i like this song, the singer has a fantastic voice!