Wednesday, February 07, 2007

falcon works

Hi everybody! I am Anita, Roman's new assistant blogger. See, I take so many movies and pics and he is just sick of downloading them and linking them up, so he asked me to do it myself. I hope you don't mind. I am not a journalist and I am a foreigner, so please excuse my very subjective way of writing and my not so flawless English. However, I would appreciate it if you told me in a nice way if I repeat the same errors in English over and over again, I am trying to improve it. But hey, maybe you just like my Swiss accent? That is fine too. So let's get to the point:

I had so much fun at the benefit party for Falconworks, so thanks a lot, Genevieve! For everybody, who couldn't make it, please check out their homepage. They are doing amazing work!

Whoever was there and loved it as much as I did and for whoever wasn't there - you can watch a movie of 'Melomane' performing 'Unfriendly Skies' right here:

On Sunday I went to see 'Room' and 'C.Gibbs' at the 'Cakeshop'. The first time I saw Christian Gibbs live and it definitively met my high expectations. I was thrilled! Again, I was taking movies like crazy and the best one of C.Gibbs is on youtube now. There is not much to see, except Christian Bongers bobbing head, but the sound is great! And I think you get a feel of how it was like to be there:

You can see pics of both the benefit and the gigs at the Cakeshop in my photodiary for February.

We will tell you soon what is up this weekend, so stay tuned. I think this is enough for now. God, I get all these error messages with this blogger, I first have to figure out how this works!


Roman Elsener said...

Great Job, Anita! You are promoted to first chief reporter already!

mereubu said...

well, anita, here's one error off the top of my head: talking during ROOM's performance so that all you can hear is your voice on the video, how bout THAT? huh?
congrats on your new blog-job! it will be good to have a woman's perspective to contrast all the sexist drivel that roman posts.

Roman Elsener said...

sexist drivel? maybe i shouldnt let chicks comment on this blog, just real men.

anita said...

thank you mereubu, whoever you might be!

but who says I won't drivel sexist? I listen to lil' kim and peaches, if you know what I mean. but it will for sure be a different perspective, ha!