Friday, February 09, 2007

Justin Timberlake goes Punk

I wasn't expecting a big night out when we head down to Williamsburg, but we ended up being thrown out of the bar when they were closing. So what went wrong?

The first band Pretendo was a real surprise to me. Those guys are all a little short, if you ask me, but when they hit the stage that really didn't matter anymore. But why the hell did the drummer take off his red hoodie after the first song? Next time he should really just leave it on no matter how hot he gets: I dig the skater-turned-rocker looks. But what really convinced me was when the bassist was singing and I was thinking: is this Justin Timberlake going punk? I love it! And the keyboard added that little electroclash something to top it off. Get an impression in this short video:

And then the Melorex gig: Heather was cool as ever on the drums, while Kristofer and Pierre were switching guitar and bass between songs. I already knew the Melomane songs and even though I like them very much in original, the Melorex versions were rough in a very good way. And didn't Kristofer look a little like Justin Timberlake in that suit?

Here is a movie of them performing 'Unfriendly Skies', so you can directly compare the Melorex version with the Melomane version in my last post!

After the show it was 'shots with the band' as Pierre put it and some foosball in the back. But hey, why do the foosball tables in the States have three guys in the back??? One is really enough! I have to practise how to handle all three of them for next time...

More pics in my photodiary, and more footage on my youtube account.

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