Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lucinda Black Bear

I had been listening to that song 'Fought the Bear' over and over again, it was driving me crazy! Finally I got the chance to hear Lucinda Black Bear performing it live. And it felt as if the performance was only for us and our friends. The ambiance at 'Mo Pitkin's' was so intimate with everybody sitting around tables and having food and drinks while this amazing band was performing.

I was in awe of Cristian Gibbs' singing. I am lost for words. I can't help it, it makes me so emotional... The band was great too, playing together so perfectly and supporting the marvelously simple melodies of the lead vocals. And I liked the joke the pianist was telling, seriously!

I was lucky enough to capture my favorite song with my cam. So check it out here and don't get distracted by the waitress walking into the picture to serve some food. I think it only emphasizes the intimacy I was talking about before:

Clare Burson, the violinist of the band followed up with her own performance singing and playing a beautiful baby-blue guitar. She surely has some interesting stories to tell and she has a great voice. I preferred the songs she played accompanied by another guitar, bass and drums: especially that song 'Blue Pearl' is intriguing!

As always, more pics in my personal photodiary!

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