Friday, May 27, 2005

Supremex Optimo Shine at Lit

Yuri: Barre Chords, Bass Guitar
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It seems like I'm using a lot of superlatives for this band, lately, but if a band makes so much progress in such a short time they just deserve it. Morex Optimo are not only rehearsing hard, getting tighter and wittier, they can also take criticism and use it constructively: In their new songs they have dropped a lot of their intellectual mannerism and go straight to the core of cutting edge punk. Congrats, guys, I'm looking forward to tour Europe with you in August!


Anonymous said...

what are you talking about, man??? they have been pretty much the best band around here for some time now!

Anonymous said...

I think that they get in the way of themselves, are unpure, and pompous. But otherwise, I like them okay.

heather said...

hey, can we use that for our review section? "get in the way of themselves, are unpure and pompous".

that's awesome.