Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Privateman Makes Public Headlines

The Curated Jukebox
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Old friend Frank Privateman (Middle) is keeping himself busy over there in Zurich. The author and musician found time to launch the project "The Curated Jukebox" - a monthly installation of a famous artists/bands 100 favorite songs. The inauguration happened last week at Helsinki, and I'm proud to present you with the first posting from our swiss correspondents, infamous T'nT, who want to greet NYC this way. Let's see what the Ts wrote:

"It was getting late, at least for Zurich... The most elected scenesters from "kreis foif" were gathering at the prestigious Helsinki club. Tom Rist, the owner and long-time staple of downtown Zurich nightlife (on the right in the pic), collaborated with upcoming underground writer and musician Frank Heer and seasoned artist Adrian Elsener (left side) on the long-awaited rock n'roll "Lou Reed juke box". Frank finally unveiled the musical mystery machine. It was a big moment! He was accompanied by loud clapping and sighs of acknowledgment. Because yes, indeed, these ARE songs personally selected by Lou (at least so claims his manager...). Immediately the music lovers streamed to press the somewhat complicated juke box keys and were overcome by slight bewilderment since nobody seemed to recognize even 25% of the songs or artists... Good old Lou!Unfortunately we had to leave before hearing any of our selections (juke boxes work in an unpredictable shuffle mode), but at least we had a chance to watch the American Master Lou Reed documentary on simultaneous screens four times in a loop!"

Obviously, Lou himself is quite impressed with the project: It is mentoned on the front page of Mr. Reeds official website. Don't forget to check out Bingo Palace, the Privateman cherished collaboration with music druid Fa Ventilato. But more about Fa later.

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