Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Nikko and the Universe of Sound

Nikko - Feel the Music
Originally uploaded by romangame.
The shock of learning of Nikkos tragic loss of his right eye in Berlin sits deep and made me pull out his records and listen to the songs again and again. It made me realize that Nikko's most beautiful universe, his most honed skills are still intact: The world of sounds and harmonies, his voice, his ability to play any instrument. Turn up the music, lean back and close your eyes! Nikko, I hope you get the bastard in court and will be able to focus on the future - I am looking forward to hear more of your beautiful tunes and maybe read texts from your pen?
P.S.: Yo, labels, it is definitely time to put out the Nikkos Greatest Hits! Check out his Website and drop him a line. You wouldnt wanna be the label who missed the chance to pick up the German Coldplay.

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