Monday, May 02, 2005

Macrogiants and Microstars

Dorit Tames the Theremin
Originally uploaded by romangame.
Quite an illustrious group of people came together at Dorit Chrysler's show at the Austrian Cultural Forum on Friday night. Special guest Gibby Haines added some loops, and the austrian theremin fairy launched into her very own and original sound universe. Unfortunately, Dorit didn't make use of her angelic voice this time around, but the artist says that her singing days are far from over. In the audience, two of her former band members from the Halcion years were spotted. Rumors of a reunion could not be confirmed, though.

Saturday belonged to music muse Tanja, who NYC will lose to Zurich this week. How could they let her get away! Anyway, HeadQuarters were in splendid form with excellent sound at Arlene's Grocery, a successful show for their number one fan. The band has almost finished the recording for their new album and is shopping them now, with most promising leads. Later, Melomane played a semi-acoustic set at the Living Room, for which Nico from German band Veranda Music opened with four charming songs.

Then, we have another Macrogiant vs. Microstar coming up this week in NYC: Can you believe that there is a revival for Swedish band Europe and "The Final Countdown"? I mean, doesnt final mean final anymore? Well, they are playing at B.B. King's Blues Club, which I don't really mind. But in the light of Motorhead playing the same place a mere three days later we have to ask what drugs B.B's booker must be on. Here's what their website reveals under "additional information": "1986, Europe released The Final Countdown which became a Top Ten hit. "The Final Countdown" and "Carrie" became Top Ten hits as well". Aha. Wanna know what the same site says under "additional information" about Motorhead? STANDING ROOM ONLY, is all. That should be a clue as to where it rocks.


Mike F. said...

That's the same theremin I have.

gamin said...

man, she's got a new one now, it looks a bit like a scooter or a vacuum cleaner and has lots of buttons and effects and stuff. i guess yours and the one pictured are the real original deal, though. intersting instrument anyway!