Monday, May 16, 2005

Of British Sea Power and Swedish Free Jazz

Lots of European, then again, this weekend. It started out with the Austrian Angel Dorit Chrysler on Friday at the Issue Project Room, the last real indie resort in the East Village. I was most taken by Dorit's Vocals and some of the great sounding samples she uses. Larry Seven, the Minister of audiology opened the show with an, erm, instrument. Amazing. The nightshift was manned by a crazy drummer and two swedes on guitar and sax, letting lose quite a swarm of bees that i can imagine listening to as background music after r a silent horror movie. Live, I had enuff after ten minutes.
Saturday brought us a nice long walk in Central Park, a fine Italian dinner and British Sea Power at the Bowery Ballroom. While they have a bunch of quite good songs and some great moments, they are no Blur or Libertines.
Unfortunately, Andy Rourke of Smiths fame who was supposed to spin records after the HeadQuarters set at Don Hills, forgot or lost is passport and never made it. The bands schedule therefore was delayed and I missed HQs show. Can anyone let me know how it was? I heard they handed out free cds with two of their new tracks. You can also find the two songs on their website now.

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