Friday, April 06, 2007

Zero Minutes To Brooklyn

Well, I ventured into the city to see our beloved Sad Little Stars and later the unimitable C. Gibbs this week, and that's certainly very enjoyable, but on the way home, the great new prophecy board at the 1st Avenue L-Train stop seriously letting us down, announcing not one, but two trains in zero minutes, while we waited for half an hour. The really good news therefor comes from the quiet gardens of Brooklyn: Quentin Jennings lay two beautiful easter eggs for us, "Angel" and "Carousel" which you probably hear right now coming out of the computer speakers, if you listen to the podcast on the right. They are, of course, "just demos" and Q. will probably give me shit for putting them out there, but it's just a great mix of CCR and Ray Davies, with a Dylan and the Beatles peeking round the corner. Can you see the easter bunnies dancing? In any case, go see Q. with Melomane at the Luna Lounge tomorrow night. Be there early to see former Blue Sparks singer Phil with his new band "Ahoi" and then our favorite bird catchers, Falcon, before submitting to the charm of the kings and queens of chamber pop, Melomane.

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