Thursday, April 12, 2007

East River Bar Hosts MOREX OPTIMO 3.0 and SUNSHINE CLUB (with a bit of ROOM, of course)

They're back and different: Version 3.0 of Morex Optimo sports Jan (of Room) on drums and Pierre (of Melomane) on bass and backing vocals, with bowiesque Kristofer leading the band, and the unique Kerry Kennedy adding her trademarrk guitar and vocal flavor. This is the first show of this line-up that will tour Europe this summer, so catch em while you can. While both Pierre and Jan don't play the instruments they play in their other bands you can look forward to seeing them showing off their skills: Pierre started out as bass player in C. Gibbs' "Morning Glories" and Jan used to travel to New Jersey to practice his rolling pumping mastery.

Second up will be Sunshine Club, formerly known as Mickey Finn with the charismatic Damian on lead vocals and our favorite guitarero Brett Hammond. The guys just celebrated the release of their debut CD with a sold out show at Mercury Lounge. Talking about the Merc: Supposedly not only Sin-e and Tonic are closing, but also the grand old Mercury, were we've seen acts such as Midnight Oil, Lloyd Cole, the Mekons, the Strokes, to name just a few.

Last up, as always, Room. Bring your cameras, something is bound to happen. Jean-Cosme is practicing his first jumps, Martial wants to sing, Bernd wants revenge for Romans bite last time and Jan just comes back from Tokio and will tell you all about him turning japanese.

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