Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stooges, Blonde Redhead, Klaxons and a lot of Paint

Tobi came thru: Here's Iggy at the Stooges show at United Palace. More fotos if you click on the pic below.
Dinosaurs  Rock: The Stooges in New York

Hope you digested your Easter eggs and bunnies well and lets stay trim for spring! The biggest easter party we hear of was at United Palace, the new big it thing on 175 street where Iggy and the Stooges were as good as everybody hoped they would be. Least, thats what we're told by one of the Tank girls (She actually says it was even better than that, but you know how girls are about Iggy) - Tobi promised to deliver in terms of photos, but we're still waiting. He has a good excuse though: He had to paint his new apartment instead of uploading Iggy. Were waiting for the house warming party.
Others say Easter was something to sit out and wait for Tuesday, when the Klaxons hit town, the new Britsih hope of reviving Rave. Course it was sold out, but Denise and Fannie got in and, well, raved. Verdict: Young and really bloody good, although Sami of the Valets had the better haircut back in 88.
Next, we want to remind you not to miss the awakening of Blonde Redhead as the new alternative supergroup. The trio, whose unforgettable performance at the Siren festival in Coney Island in 2004 is ranking among the eternal top ten live shows, played for free tonite at the Apple Store in SoHo. I go there late, I admit, and was only admitted downstairs, where i could hear but not see. The new songs are very much in the vein of 'Misery is a Butterfly", if a tad more Björky on one hand, more minimalistic-electronic on the other. Then again, different to judge, if youre surrounded by ipods, macs, powershots and hear it all witha technerdy reverb instead of in open space.
One look at the bouncers and i could tell that my 'hey, i used to play soccer with these guys ten years ago'-line would not work. It's true, though. They play this nice northern italian Roberto Bettega style, no fouls, but still ambitious. Was kinda hard to tell the twins apart, though, if they were on different teams. The record is out soon, hope we can put a track on the blog soon, before you hear it on every car commercial. Great to have em back, and for those of you who have no idea who Blonde Redhead are, take the above youtube vid as an introduction:

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