Monday, April 09, 2007

Timeless Enjoyment

I guess I should also apologize for very lame blogging. My excuse is not as materialistic as Roman's. I haven't really been bogged down by too much work, at least not more than usual. But my mother is visiting! You will understand that I cannot hang out in shady bars all night long right now.

But I did drag her down to the "Bar on A' last Tuesday to hear Christian Gibbs and Philip Sterk play. I figured that would be the kind of music that my mother could possibly bear. I don't know if I underestimated her or Christian Gibbs' music, anyway, she liked it so much, she bought a CD. Looks like this music is timeless.

The two one-hour sets featured songs from The Pinkermen Set as well as the hot new songs of Ludinda Black Bear. I know it is probably confusing, but I have a new favorite song yet again and filmed it. Check out 'Capo My Heart':

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