Monday, April 09, 2007

A Big Night Out

Last Saturday was a big night: lots of bands worth seeing at the Luna Lounge. I went there early to check out Haley Bonar because I was longing to hear a good female performer again for a change. And she didn't let me down. Her voice reminds me ofMazzy Star, one of my favorite bands. Her music also has this dreamy quality but is a little jazzier and less depressive.

After a dinner at the Black Betty across the street, which was good, but once again American oversized, we made it back to the Luna Lounge for the last song of resident band Falcon. The follow-up band Motel Creeps was entertaining. The singer has a good stage presence and a pleasant voice. The sound reminded me of The Cure and Depeche Mode, but unfortunately, it all sounded a bit the same to me after a while.

Melomane has the exact opposite effect on me; the longer I hear their music the more interesting it gets. Even though always carried by distinct melodies, the music behind it is so diverse, there is always a new aspect to discover. And the poetic lyrics are like small riddles to solve.

Unfortunately the sound in the Luna Lounge was not mixed very well, at least in the beginning of the show. But it got much better over time. I took a movie of the song 'Open Invitation':

On my youtube account you also find a movie of Quentin singing 'Nobody' with Pierre on the bass and Daria at the keyboard for a change. This performance and Quentin's new demo tracks on the blog's podcast should convince everybody that he should front his own band ASAP!

You can find more pictures of that night in my photodiary for April.

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