Friday, January 20, 2006

No More Mellow, Man!

Melomane Rock the Rodeo Bar

Yes, they can rock: Melomane hinted on Monday at the Rodeo Bar that their lounge days might be over: Reduced to a quartet, the band rocked and rolled and sounded better than ever. Of course, as a romantic, I missed the occasional cello, but then again singer Pierre's hot guitar solos were just great and boy, does Daria's refound voice sounds better than ever. Special greetings go out to Frank, who - despite his absence - made the evening especially festive for Daria. DJ on, Mr. Privateman! Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to C.Gibbs show at CBGBs on Thursday, which featured Pierre on guitar, but I hear it was a fantastic show - check out some of Mr. Gibbs tunes on MySpace.
We also heard of a new emerging NYC band, led by Marshall, callled Buenos Dias. So far, they haven't left the rehearsal space, but watch out, once they do!

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Pee Air said...

THANKS ROMAN! You're the best!