Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Capital of Punk Rock

Painhead invites

Early this year, the tiny which Swiss town of Rorschach at the lake of Constance proved once again why it has always been the secret capital of punk rock in Switzerland. The seventh installment of "Painhead invites", where the four members of the city-born Painhead invite three of their favorite local bands was sold out, just like the six years before: No wonder, since the ticket to get in was one can of beer for the bands. More intoxicating than the alcohol proved to be the music though: Painhead (above) were on fire. They introduced a smash hit with their new single "T-Shirt" ("you've got your t-shirt, i got my mind"), to which the band is rumored to make a first video. Cwill, a legend on its own with twenty years of hard core on its back, showed the young crowd at Hafenbuffet where Bartli gets his apple cider. The young punx almost were afraid to pogo! More news on Swiss Punk: Prawda Records

Cwill to the Core

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