Thursday, January 10, 2008

Roman Game And The Playstation

Ah, the Swiss quality of life. We were welcomed at the Palace in St. Gallen, the new best club of Switzerland, as such celebrities as Kurt Wagner from Lambchop to Dean and Britta will confirm. I had the pleasure to play with the powerduo of my cousins Dani and Fredy Stieger and the two amazing guitar artistes Peter Lutz and Marius Tschirky, with the magic hands of Silvan Lassauer on the knobs and faders, mixing up a beautiful, strong sound. One of the nices concert experiences for me in years. We'd witnessed Jeffrey Lewis there before Christmas and he lectured the large crowd on the history of Punk Rock in a most entertaining manner. DJ Stanley picked up on the good vibe and brought even old St. Gallen wood to dance. Sophie Hunger sold out the place and was very convincing. We were hired to play as the show band for a quiz called "Wosch Züri". Sam won the quiz and desrves it. A week later we played at Mariaberg in Rorschach, where this picture was taken and a whole lotta people from the early days at the lake of Constance turned up - it was nice to see so many of you, you're looking good, folks.

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