Monday, January 21, 2008

Eva Trash Here and Hares and Faster Blokes

Shrine! Making it worthwile on MySpace are the older generation, meanwhile. Go check out Magazine, XTC, Captain Sensible, Martin Bramah and the Blue Orchids, the Nightingales, Fabulous Poodles and what have you. We guarantee you a pleasant nostalgic trip down the audio memory lane.

Newly found on the gloabl shrine thousand times the size of the Alexandrian library that MySpace is, are now the eastern Swiss blokes from Here Hare Here, thanx to Rafka, drummer extraordinaire in said quartet. In surprisingly clear sound you can hear the Hares brash hectic energy (including wildly distuned guitars) live at one of their last shows at Grabenhalle in St. Gallen in March 1990 - 18 years ago - here. And the other hare is here. You be the judge, but time's on the Hare's side. Also, check out Rafkas new project Eva Trash with fellow music space travellers Carlo and Tombo.


D-J Stieger said...

Sehr schoen! ... und noch ein paar untote Tunichtgute kriechen aus vergessenen Gruften. An die Saiten again, Jungs! Lasst Gicht und Zipperlein bei Frau und Kind und entert die Buehnen! )

ingram said...

Brilliant! What a sound! And those harmonies! Whoaaaha! We should all get together, watch the film (withnail & I) and play some tunes. New ones, but maybe also hector and hedgehog, for a joke. Will send hhh-band-photos soon.
Love staningram

Roman Elsener said...

Man, Dani, what a nice website you have there! I enjoyed surfing it a lot. Thats pretty much what a website should look like these days. I wish i could comment there, or have i missed that?