Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Season's Break!

Guys and girls and dear readers (I know you're out there!), forgive me, but I'm taking a break over the holidays over there in the Swiss alps, snowboarding in Winter Wonderland, taking long walks in the freezing cold and the deafening silence, reflecting on a busy 2007 and purging my ears and soul from the dirty rock and rolling rack, so that I'll be all fresh and open for the new year. What do I want for Christmas? More comments and input from you guys (hey, you can do it anonymously!) and a new Rickenbacker guitar. There's Room to come, ladies and gentlemen. In the meantime, listen to the Sad Little Stars, they are worth the while! Happy Holidays!


CresceNet said...

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Nicole said...

You see, I still checking your site ones in a while....I'm looking forward visiting concert after concert with you guys - probably in fall 08.... kisses nicole